OriMaster FPD500 Compact Orifice Flowmeter
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OriMaster - the solution for all your Orifice Metering Applications

Which DP Flowmeter would you prefer?

  • OriMaster - the simple choice for DP flow metering
    • the new one piece DP Flowmeter from ABB
    • 316L stainless steel orifice, carrier, impulse lines, manifold and transmitter, all supplied in a single assembly
  • Easy, low cost installation & commissioning
    • supplied ready-configured and fully assembled
    • in most applications just fit the meter between flanges, purge the meter, connect the 4 ... 20 mA loop and start measuring your flow
  • Meter design and factory testing together reduce the possibility of leakage between the orifice and transmitter
    • every unit is pressure tested as an assembly, so no leaks
    • uniform, short, integral impulse paths mean improved reliability of measurement
  • Mass flow version with integral temperature sensing and multivariable transmitter
    • a complete, one-piece mass flowmeter
  • Volume flow version with stainless steel bodied transmitter as standard
    • for demanding environments